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Our Solution

Avancé Moving & Storage is the first moving and storage company in Dallas to offer real-time, paperless operations including an interactive photo inventory in a state-of-the-art facility. This technology provides real-time updates to managers and customers, improves productivity, and reduces costs. The interactive photo inventory on our website provides clients with photos of their items in our storage facility and allows them to make delivery and/or receiving requests.

We also employ an advanced inventory storage database system. Unlike our competitors, this is a paperless system that uses a customer portal designers and homeowners can login to and see each piece of furniture that’s being stored. This is very advantageous for the designers in our market because they will be able to request receiving and delivery of specific pieces of furniture within their own customer portal via our website.

Our company uses the most advanced, paperless technology to run our customer communications, warehouse storage inventory, and complete paperwork digitally on site or in a client’s home. The technology includes a customer portal that clients can access online and see photos of everything they have in our warehouse. The customer portal also allows them to place drop-off and pick-up requests at specific items.

We are unlike any other moving and storage company in Dallas, and we provide a service that’s completely unique to the industry! We have the technology and required experience to handle your next move, small or large!